Darkly Yours

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We have been told love is the most important thing. No one can live without it, after all. You must love someone. Anyone. Or else... But love is not just laughter, verses and passion. There are myriad forms of love, each one darker than the other... for you to experience. Be afraid, because love will transform you, hurt you, kill you. Because you cannot defend yourself from it. Love awaits you eagerly... wether you like it or not. So please, honey, do read, if you dare...


Food of Love, by Adam Millard
Collage, by Jay Caselberg
Closing the Circle, by Sergio Gaut vel Hartman
Till Death Us Do Part, by Juan Ángel Laguna Edroso
Parc Güell, by Anaea Lay
The Grand Purge, by Mark Highman
Mom's Love, by José Antonio Moreno González
Adorable, by Maggie Veness
Under Moonlight, by Juan José Hidalgo Díaz
Nesting Dolls, by John T. Biggs
Ebony and Ice, by Fermín Moreno
The Wet-Winged Boy, by Blanca Libia Herrera Chaves
Motherly Love, by Juan de Dios Garduño
Sweet Lullaby, by Anna Morgana Alabau

Cover art by Séverine Pineaux

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